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SoftSkin Photo Makeup

Dreaming of a model look? You can get it in your pictures with SoftSkin Photo Makeup by SoftOrbits!
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31 May 2013

Editor's review

This is an image editor and helps touch-up images.

There is a large number of digital cameras out there today. Besides various kinds of cameras, the mobile handsets and other mobile devices like the tablets come with cameras. No wonder that a huge number of photographs get taken by people. Not all of these huge numbers of photographs could be perfect. In fact, in perfect photographs, inherent problems of subjects will show up easily. This image editor tool will help touch up the photos to remove these imperfections such as skin blemishes and problems in the photos, etc. SoftSkin Photo Makeup will help improve your portraits by removing small imperfections. It will help make the skin tone look better, improve the texture that appears in the photo and if necessary help you add make up to improve the shots. Even if the subject is not wearing any make-up that is not going to hold you up from getting a great photo!

This tool is able to produce portraits that look great by removing skin imperfections such as pimples and freckles, covering up acne and wrinkles, softening hard shadows and giving your portrait a finished look. In a couple of clicks this tool will be able to whiten the teeth of subjects and even improve the color of the eyeballs to look more natural. Basic problems like “red-eye” could be easily removed. You would be able to create outlines easily, so that they are emphasized and look naturally prominent. This provides an easier and less costly option to sophisticated editors like the Adobe’s Photoshop. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

As a professional photographer or an average user who likes taking and editing pictures, you certainly know that one of the most difficult things
is dealing with portraits.
Everyone wants to have perfect skin, bright eyes and beautiful make up, but that is not always the case in real life. Adobe Photoshop is the most
popular program for processing images, but there's a new easier way to do it!
Let us introduce SoftSkin Photo Makeup - a program by SoftOrbits, an award winning software development company.
With this tool, you can easily and efficiently:
* improve skin texture
* whiten teeth
* apply virtual eye and lip make up
* and, of course, remove those red eyes
All these effects can be done in only a few simple clicks, you no longer need to apply numerous layers in Adobe Photoshop.
To produce stunning portraits by removing all imperfections and making your models happy, download SoftSkin Photo Makeup now!
SoftSkin Photo Makeup
SoftSkin Photo Makeup
Version 1.1
Free Download

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